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Re: REGARDING SQL 99 Massimo Di Pierro 10/5/12 7:24 AM
I am not sure about your assignment.
You can build a simple web2py applications like this:

def index():
    db = DAL('sqlite://mydb.sqlite')
    form = SQLFORM.factory(Field('sql','text'))
    if form.process().accepted:
             rows = db.executesql(sql)
         except: db.rollback()
    return dict(page = DIV(DIV(form),DIV(BEAUTIFY(rows))))

it will make a form and allows you to interact with 'sqlite' database called 'mydb.sqlite' You can replace the 
 'sqlite://mydb.sqlite' string to interact with any other existing database. BBBBUUUUUTTTTT.....

1) No database follows exactely the SQL99 standard
2) web2py was not designed to do this. It was designed NOT to do this.
3) web2py was designed so that users NEVER write SQL. Ever. SQL is dangerous, unsafe, error prone, database dependent (it is not standard as they say in school).
4) I am not sure I am understanding your assignment correctly and, in fact, I am pretty sure I am not. 


On Friday, 5 October 2012 05:04:52 UTC-5, dantuluri jaganadha raju wrote:
         I am taking Intro to Data bases course.In that course we are expected to prepare an application about any organization (we selected school) . We have to prepare an user interface such that any one can enter his/her query in SQL99 and retrieve the required data. Does web2py support this feature? If so how can I implement the user interface which takes SQL99 Query as input and retrieve the result.  
                        Please suggest me some reading material regarding this.
                                                                 Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Andhra pradesh,
Re: REGARDING SQL 99 Derek 10/8/12 2:02 PM
Massimo, I agree with your points, not necessarily 3, but then again, i've had many years of experience writing sql queries, so i know what can go wrong, and i know why you might say that to a beginner.