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Moving to Kristian Høgsberg 10/29/10 10:13 AM
Hi all,

I finally got the project infrastructure set up on and
we now have an official wayland web page at

The web page has links to the new mailing list, the new official git
repo, irc, and a bit of documentation and, of course, a screenshot
section!  If you're still interested in the wayland project, please
sign up to the new mailing list here:

I can't move the old list over automatically and I don't think it's
nice to sign people up automatically anyway.

Quite a few things have happened since the last update, so I'm overdue
for a blog entry update on the project.  We're now running on all
upstream software, no personal branches necessary, we have an X11
compositor, we have a multi-pointer, input redirection aware DnD
protocol, we can set cursor images, we have a SHM buffer transport
mechanism.  We have fairly complete gtk+ and Qt ports, there's wayland
backend in the clutter project, we're using libxkbcommon for keyboard
layouts.  We have a logo!

I'll shut down the google group in a couple of weeks, see you on!


Re: Moving to Clurado cl 10/29/10 3:35 PM
Thanx very much , interesting news