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About Patch 7.4.200 Bram Moolenaar 3/12/14 10:08 AM

I have just sent out patch 7.4.200, which enables the +visual feature
also in the tiny version.

It doesn't remove any #ifdefs yet, I first want to await comments.
If this looks OK I can remove about 350 occurrences of FEAT_VISUAL.

Enabling +visual doesn't cause a problem for any system, as far as I
know.  The only effect is that the binary becomes a bit bigger.  On my
system (64 bit):

Without +visual:  780312
with +visual:     809112
difference:        28800 or 3.7% bigger

Another thing to drop would be support for 16 bit int.  I wonder if
there still is any such system where current Vim actually works.  These
were Amiga, DOS and Win-16.  But Vim most likely doesn't work there
now anyway.  Last time I tried DOS it didn't fit in memory.

I do not really want to drop support for any system where Vim can
currently be used.  But removing support for systems that don't work
anyway should be fine.

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Makes me wonder what FSF stands for...?

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