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Upcoming Events theTransistor.com | d3c4f 8/27/12 9:25 PM

You knew there was a purpose to this list (maybe), and it is starting to pay off (possibly)! ;) Not too many announcements, but we do have a list of upcoming (FREE!) local events you might want to attend. If we have missed any events, please reply to this list and let everyone know. If your event is more then a couple weeks out, email de...@thetransistor.com and I will make sure it makes it in the next "big" email.

+ This Wednesday (2012.08.29)
    Public night at Make: SLC. (In fact, they have public night EVERY Wednesday!) The hackerspace that does 3d printing in downtown SLC. You can get more information from their website at http://makeslc.com (It might take a bit of digging to find the information you want though) 

+ This Thursday (2012.08.30)
    DC801 will be holding a CTF walk-through for the InfoSec crowd, starting at 6pm in SLC. They will be doing some Q and A covering how they run the game, their infrastructure, scoring, and general pointers. They are going to attempt to record / stream the event, but no promises are being made if that will actually happen. This is all in preparation for their upcoming CTF event! If you are interested in attending you can contact them on IRC at freenode / #dc801

+ This Saturday (2012.09.01)
    The Transistor will be holding it's monthly public night in Provo. There will be 3 classes this month:
    - Using and Customizing Vi (aka Vim or V-Improved)
    - Who left the WPA2 backdoor open!?
    - Bluetooth Sniffing, Very Possible and Cheap!

+ Thursday, December 6th
    Utahsec.org will be holding it's monthly meeting. Utahsec brings together several Utah InfoSec (Information Security) groups. On the agenda for this night is: Bi-Annual Planning and Learn-a-Tool Night. For more information please visit: http://www.utahsec.org

+ October 6th
    - SLC Maker Faire. There is a Maker Faire being planned right here in Utah. It will have robots, microcontrollers, diy projects, electronics, and all kinds of other cool stuff to look at. Check out the upcoming event at: http://slcmakerfaire.com/

+ October 9-12
    UtahSAINT will be holding it's annual conference in St.George. There is a streaming option for those that can't make it. Please check them out at http://www.UtahSAINT.org

    - Utah Ruby Users Group (URUG) has several meetings every month throughout Utah. Check them out at http://utruby.org/

Thanks for watching,
Deven (d3c4f)
Re: {UTMkrs} Upcoming Events theTransistor.com | d3c4f 8/27/12 9:29 PM
The UtahSec meeting will be on Thursday, SEPTEMBER 6th. Not Decemeber 6th.

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