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USEScala group on Linkedin Aaron A 6/12/12 2:42 PM
With the help of Tiffany from SolutionStream we have a group on Linkedin.

Just trying to find more ways to promote the group and bring more Scala Developers together 
with even more ideas on the group.

Let me know your guys' ideas and thoughts.

-Aaron Allred
Re: USEScala group on Linkedin Merrick Christensen 6/12/12 2:46 PM
I am located in Provo, however it seems that everyone else is located in the exact opposite direction? What is the pulse on location? Is it worth starting a separate group for Utah County? Can we meet somewhere in between (draper sounds reasonable). When are we meeting next it seems the last time got canceled?
Re: USEScala group on Linkedin Aaron A 6/12/12 2:54 PM
Hey Merrick,

I just posted information about the next meeting which will be tomorrow night at 6PM at the Draper Library.

Re: USEScala group on Linkedin @helenaedelson 6/12/12 5:18 PM


The linkedin group description - "This group is for Java Developers and locals who have a passion for Scala...."

You may wish to include Scala developers as well  ;-) I haven't worked in Java for a year and a half, but even so, may have gotten into Scala from Haskell or Erlang.  

Just a thought.



Re: USEScala group on Linkedin Aaron A 6/12/12 7:35 PM

hah good catch. I had some major help from Tiffany in setting that up.
I'll get that changed up as I know quite a few Scala developers with Python backgrounds and almost 0 Java experience.

btw You gonna make the meeting tomorrow Helena?

Re: USEScala group on Linkedin Aaron A 6/12/12 8:32 PM
There.. updated.

Re: USEScala group on Linkedin helena 6/13/12 5:57 AM

Hi Aaron,

Going to try to get there. Although, Jonas at Typesafe assigned me 4 new-feature tickets for Akka's akka-cluster Scala API, on top of everything else, so things are piling on. I can start presenting at the July or August meeting.  

We need a preso sign-up on the site so we can start scheduling out. Play2 simple form engine with for example: Title, Abstract, Presenter, Duration, and preferred month to present, or something. Anyone have time? It doesn't look like the site code is at; at least I don't see a standard Play2 app in the repos. I _might_ be able to push one quickly depending on whether you already have a db setup.


@5_inc  @helenaedelson 

Re: USEScala group on Linkedin Aaron A 6/13/12 9:20 AM
I have started up a whole new USEScala website that'll I wanna show tonight and get some ideas. 
I have it on a separate Heroku instance as I don't have access to the usescala github or domain name at the moment. 

btw that's awesome that you're working ON Akka now. Both Jonas and Viktor are amazing dudes.
Also, you don't HAVE to present.. just come hang out with the Scala gang.