May Meeting (Date/content Change)

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May Meeting (Date/content Change) Erik 4/27/12 9:53 PM
May 9, Draper Library

5:30-7:30pm Scala Topics
7:30pm wrap up and dinner at local restaurant

- 2012 UseScala Elections
- Presentations, etc.
  - Functional vs OO approach to data and behavior, David Gates
  - Intro to Play!2.0 with Eclipse, Aaron Allred
  - Other?

Anyone with a projector?

Thanks, Erik

Re: May Meeting (Date/content Change) Aaron A 5/9/12 11:45 AM
I'm still having 0 luck on finding a projector.
I found a company that rents em, but they are asking way to much due to how they rent it out.
They give you a screen too and a guy to babysit you. So yeah.. not happenin.

Not sure what people want to do. I could do some basic demonstrations on a WhiteBoard, but the effect won't be
the same really.

Any ideas?

Re: May Meeting (Date/content Change) Jason Wheeler 5/9/12 11:48 AM

Maybe some sort of free conferencing software everyone could log into?

Re: May Meeting (Date/content Change) Helena Edelson 5/9/12 12:49 PM
I may be able to host that via webex, if not starting this month (today) then next.


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Re: May Meeting (Date/content Change) Michael Scott 5/9/12 1:18 PM
Hi everybody,

I just joined the group a couple of weeks ago and tonight will be my first meeting.

I can get my hands on a projector.  When does it need to be at the library? The owner needs it back by 8:30. I told him that wouldn't be a problem.

Re: May Meeting (Date/content Change) Aaron A 5/9/12 1:34 PM
Hey Mike,

That would be amazing. We would only need it from 5:30PM till about
7:30PM at the Draper library.

If you had to get it back to em by 8:30 though you might miss the
dinner we have afterwards.
If not we can White board what we got and try and setup the group a bit more.

I know we are still trying to find a more static place to have these
meetings and I know the vote is to
continue having it near the Sandy and Draper area.

Re: May Meeting (Date/content Change) Helena Edelson 5/9/12 1:48 PM
Request a sponsor (TekSystems, Consultnet, etc) to buy one for the group.
Re: May Meeting (Date/content Change) Michael Scott 5/9/12 1:57 PM
I was probably going to have to miss the dinner afterwards anyway... sorry.  The Mrs. isn't feeling well so there's a chance I'll have to hop over with the projector and then return to pick it up after.  I'm only a mile away though so it will work for me.  Hopefully I can stay for the presentations though.

Re: May Meeting (Date/content Change) Aaron A 5/9/12 1:58 PM
We wondered about TekSystems whom have asked about it and some folks were
worried about getting to much Recruiter pressure during the meetings
if this was the case.

I haven't tried Consultnet and the other Sponsor was lost after I left
them as a Developer.

Re: May Meeting (Date/content Change) Aaron A 5/9/12 2:01 PM
Dang, Sorry to hear Michael.
Yeah that would be just fine then.

Re: May Meeting (Date/content Change) Helena Edelson 5/9/12 2:08 PM
Hi Aaron,

I pinged one company to see if they can sponsor us with a projector, at
the very least one that someone (convenient) can pick up on the way and
drop off in the morning; and will ping a few more.
Re: May Meeting (Date/content Change) Aaron A 5/9/12 2:16 PM
That's very cool. Thank you for doing this Helena.

I wonder if any of em would have recommendations of a static place to
have the meetings too.
If we can't get something in Sandy or Draper I wonder if we could talk
some folks into moving it a little north. ;)