June Meeting Location?

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June Meeting Location? Aaron A 6/4/12 2:05 PM
It's looking like we didn't have any of the libraries reserved for June's meeting. 
I'll drive to Draper and see what the possibilities of getting it scheduled with such a late notice are.

Anyone got any other ideas for a location possibly?

I'll keep ya updated on how things go with either of our previous library locations for this month.

Re: June Meeting Location? Aaron A 6/5/12 9:55 PM
I didn't get a chance to drive down to Draper or Sandy to check on holding a location. I only had my bike today and biked home from work in the rain.

Not having any luck calling anyone at either places either since the department to schedule rooms acts as a completely separate portion of the library.
Would next week work better for people?

btw if people wanted to have the location in Farmington I could probably get us a location with a projector. I'm thinking the majority are voting for the meetings to happen more South though.

Very much open to ideas.

-Aaron Allred
Re: June Meeting Location? Jeff Shutt 6/6/12 7:41 AM
I'm ok with postponing until next week as something came up and I won't be able to make it tonight. As far as location, I prefer the SL valley myself, but am open to other places if it's necessary.
Re: June Meeting Location? Jason Wheeler 6/6/12 10:01 AM
I am ok with either this week or next.

As for meeting places I would prefer no further south than Draper and no further North than downtown Salt Lake.