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Meeting date(s) Aaron A 7/31/12 10:06 AM
In talking with SLCC they have a class that will be occupying the room and only have
it available the End of Aug on a Tuesday or Thursday.

BTW This is for having it more North then Sandy/Draper.
If you guys want to continue to have the meeting there PLEASE do. I would be late though as I now Work and Live near Ogden.
So it takes awhile to get there.

Let me know your guys' ideas.

-Aaron Allred
Re: Meeting date(s) mohan 7/31/12 10:22 AM
Maybe we already thought about it or not.
Is is possible to get a room/space at Neumont University? I know ut-software-craftsmanship happens there. 

Neumont University
10701 S. RiverFront Parkway
South Jordan, Utah 84095

Re: Meeting date(s) Tiffany Chambers 7/31/12 10:31 AM
I have a close relationship with Neumont and have placed a call to them. The thing I like about the SLCC is we will have what need. i.e. a projector. Also, this is a free resource with less Recruiter's (haha from me). This would give you guys the privacy that you are looking for. SLCC the room is available with equipment. This would be where the CAD classes take place. They are available in AUG a Tues or Thurs on 21/23 or 28/30.