June Meeting

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June Meeting Erik 5/31/12 8:13 PM
Hey guys, what's the plan for June?
Re: June Meeting Aaron A 6/1/12 9:08 AM

Been trying to email ya. ;P

This is the update so far with the group.
I'm working on a possible new Sponsor that is going to help us get a
more static location as well as provide
some simple things like books and swag as long as we don't mind Scala
shirts with their logo on them as well. I told them it wouldn't be
a problem at all as long as it says Scala I'll wear it. ;)

Do we still have one of the libraries for June's meeting? Or was I
mistaken on how far out we've had those spots reserved? If we don't
let me know and
I can probably get something setup for this month. I still don't have
a projector and if this sponsor works out we may not need one.

I've redid the website and would really like to change up the hosting
from Heroku. Who has ownership of usescala.org though
as well as I would like to obtain access to our Twitter account to
start get some data output from it.