Meeting in the Sandy/Draper area

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Meeting in the Sandy/Draper area Chris Hansen 5/9/12 2:15 PM
In the May Meeting thread, Aaron mentioned something about a vote to keep meeting in the Sandy/Draper area. I don't recall a vote, but it occurred to me that if the vote took place in-person in the Sandy/Draper area, it would clearly be self-selected to favor future meetings in the same area.

So my question is, has attendance increased, decreased or remained the same after moving meetings to the Sandy/Draper area?

My recollection of meetings at the former location (SendOutCards) was roughly 12 – 15 on average (maybe Erik has the real numbers?). If attendance is down, perhaps this is not the best decision for the organization. If attendance is up or level, then by all means, continue.

I know I personally would be able to attend many more meetings if they were a bit further north (e.g. South SLC, Murray, or Holladay), and I doubt I'm the only one.


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Re: Meeting in the Sandy/Draper area Aaron A 5/9/12 2:20 PM
I honestly haven't seen attendance go up since the move to Sandy
Draper, but again this would be a number Erik would have a more
accurate account on.

I've been insanely busy with my previous company and have just
recently gotten more time available to me. I know Erik
has basically traded with me since now he is fairly busy with his new
position at his place of work and has asked me
to step out of my anti-social geekdom and try and organize things.

I actually live in South Ogden and drive quite a ways for the new
meeting locations, which is to say I don't really care personally
where it is.
I'll still attend as I really like talking about Scala and would drive
2 hours to a meeting if needed. ;)

Maybe tonight instead of the talk on Play! we could discuss some
changes to the meeting maybe?
I honestly wouldn't mind as I didn't get to put much into a talk anyways. hah

Re: Meeting in the Sandy/Draper area Michael Scott 5/9/12 2:28 PM
Have you looked into having a city sponsor us with a projector and a
meeting place?  I know cities like to tout that they are a gathering
place for different groups. If we mentioned what we needed and that we
visit a local restaurant afterward (tax dollars) there's a chance
they'd take care of us.

I can pursue this, but it would be with the only city I know, Draper
City :) so I'll hold off until it's discussed tonight.

Re: Meeting in the Sandy/Draper area David Gates 5/9/12 2:40 PM
We could make a poll in the Google Group.  People that have never come due to location could vote as easily as everyone else.
Re: Meeting in the Sandy/Draper area Helena Edelson 5/10/12 5:35 PM
+1 on able to attend meetings if further north than Sandy. 

- Helena

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Re: Meeting in the Sandy/Draper area Merrick Christensen 5/11/12 9:03 AM
My situation is exactly the opposite, I'm in Provo. Sandy seems like a decent middle ground.
Re: Meeting in the Sandy/Draper area Kevin Edwards 5/11/12 2:22 PM
I think the online poll is a good idea.