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Need some help for a newer developer Bobisback 10/9/12 4:34 PM

Hi everyone,

I am a college student that just started developing mobile apps. I have decided to use apigee app services as our database API. I am needing some help on the subject to get up and running. 

I am having a lot of problems grasping some of the concepts of how the mobile app interacts with the database. I have looked at the mobile app called messagee that was created by apigee. What I am having trouble with is where the app stops and the api starts. Is the api the client class? Is that part of the "API" of apigee's app services. Or is that something that is expected to be written by the "users" of the api.

I am trying to make a simple app that just logs into the database that has users already in there. I am getting a exception that is crashing the program from the client class and because I have no idea how this class works(aka how it makes calls to the database) I do not know how to fix it or trouble shoot it. I could not find much documentation on the client class nor any other examples of using it and when I tried to look through the code it was no help because my level as a programmer is not high enough i guess haha.

I basically started by doing the creating your first app guide on the android SDK site. I create a new client in the oncreate function. From there i just rearranged some stuff and basically made a login screen for me to get the username and password once the login bottom was clicked. The problem is when I pass the username and password to the authorizeAppUser function this is when the exception is happening. I have a try catch to catch the exception however though I am not sure why it is failing or how to fix it.

thanks in advance for any help,


Re: [usergrid] Need some help for a newer developer Rod Simpson 10/10/12 6:49 AM

It is great to hear that you have selected Usergrid for your project!  I would love to help you, but I will need a bit more information.  Do you have your code checked into a repo somewhere (like github) so I can take a look at it?  If not, can you send details such as line number, exception message, and any custom code you think would be helpful for us to try to diagnose the problem?  

Feel free to send it directly to me ( if you would prefer not to post it to the group.



Rod Simpson
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