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Automatically adding user to group jerry hamby 10/9/12 4:05 PM
You have to be logged-in as a user  to create a group.

So, why is the default  Usergrid process to NOT add the user to the group automatically?

Why are you making it a 2 step process?


Re: [usergrid] Automatically adding user to group Rod Simpson 10/9/12 7:58 PM

First off, you shouldn't have to be logged in as a user to create a group.  You can also create groups when logged in as an administrator (as is the case with the Admin Portal).  In that context it wouldn't make much sense to try to do any more than create the group.  

But the bigger reason is that there could be use cases where groups would be created that the user would not be a part of. If we added a user to a group by default, then the API would not be as flexible.  We have to balance flexibility with efficiency - we want to maximize both, and in this case, flexibility must take precedence.

Hope this helps clarify.


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