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Ruby gem! Scott Ganyo 9/26/12 7:21 PM
Hey all,

Any Ruby devs out hanging out in here?

So I've put together a gem for Ruby folks (like myself) to access the Usergrid / Apigee App Services in an easy, natural way.  The gem is a purposely simple, lean, low-level API with limited dependencies (just rest-client and multi_json) to keep things compact.  Nevertheless, it provides pretty wide coverage of both management and application functions - and the layering allows for you to easily drop into the simple rest-client syntax.

The gem is called "usergrid_iron" (it's football season!) and version 0.0.3 is immediately available on ruby

Basic documentation, examples, and source code is available on github here:

Please check it out, read the examples, and give it a try. If you run into trouble, check the rspecs - I have 100% coverage and a bunch of examples in there.

I welcome your feedback and contributions!


P.S. For you Rails folks, an ActiveRecord-style gem that builds on this layer is planned for later -- with all the dependencies that would entail, of course. :)