FCC Releases a Software Development Kit for the Accessibility Clearinghouse

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FCC Releases a Software Development Kit for the Accessibility Clearinghouse Jamal Mazrui 9/3/13 11:01 AM

The FCC's Accessibility Clearinghouse is a Congressionally-mandated web repository of information about accessible communications products and services.  It is mandated by the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010 (CVAA), which also requires the FCC to promote this resource to the public.  The Accessibility Clearinghouse includes information on the following topics: 

 * accessibility features of mobile phones,

 * accessibility contacts at telecommunications and advanced communications services companies,

 * free assistive apps for various computing platforms, and

 * organizations implementing the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program (NDBEDP).

To enable more flexible and targeted use of Clearinghouse information, the FCC has released a software development kit (SDK) that makes custom programming of inquiries to the database relatively easy with a free, popular language called Python.  Python-based apps can query the Clearinghouse based on an application programming interface (API).  Clearinghouse Information may be selectively filtered and combined with data from other sources as mashups.  Views of information may be created that differ from the presentation on the Clearinghouse website, thereby tailoring value for particular constituencies or devices.

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For additional information, please contact Jamal Mazrui, Deputy Director, FCC’s Accessibility and Innovation Initiative:  jamal.mazrui@fcc.gov or 202.418.0069

Re: FCC Releases a Software Development Kit for the Accessibility Clearinghouse Gray Brooks 9/3/13 11:30 AM

It's great to see FCC continuing to flesh out the tools available for its APIs and adding those on the individual API page at FCC.gov/developer.  It looks like this one is for python.  Any thoughts about Ruby, PHP, etc?  One shortcut might be to see if Labor is able to integrate your API into it's generic SDKs that it's been publishing.  For instance, their iOS SDK now works with about 20-30 other federal APIs, include some others from the FCC.  Mike Pulsifer could fill you in more.