LO locks up after a while (HDSDR)

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LO locks up after a while (HDSDR) Sivan Toledo 4/23/12 11:48 PM
I'm using HDSDR with an ezcap dongle (marked inside as EzTV666). It worked right out of the box, using a previous installation of HDSDR and ExtIO_USRP.dll by Balint. I only had to put "RTL" in the hint and it worked.

But after a few frequency changes, the frequency does not change any more. It seems to change on the HDSDR main screen, but in the ExtIO window it stays fixed. If I stop the receiver, take out the dongle, put it back it and click "create" again it works again, but after a few more frequency changes it locks up again.

Is there a fix for this? I downloaded the most recent RTL2832++ dll and put it in the same directory, but I don't think it is actually being used (because it was not there before). Is there an updates ExtIO_USRP that fixes this problem?

Other than this the dongle and software works nicely. I was able to listen to a couple of local NBFM stations on both VHF and UHF.  With a (borrowed) FCD I was able to hear some VHF satellite signals pretty well when I used an external LNA, so once I get over the MCX-connector issue I'll try the same with the ezcap to see if the dynamic range is good enough for this type of work. (My dongle came with an MCX connector that looks pretty high quality but I don't have cables that can connect an antenna to it; I hope to resolve this very soon).

Thanks again for the software!

Sivan Toledo
Re: LO locks up after a while (HDSDR) Derek Wooldridge 4/24/12 1:22 AM
Try using RTL tuner=e4k as a device hint rather than just RTL
Re: LO locks up after a while (HDSDR) lwr20 4/24/12 12:28 PM
It's odd that you didn't see librtl2832++.dll in the directory, which makes me wonder if you've put it in the right place.  I was getting the exact behaviour you described (frequency changed OK a few times, then locked up and produced I2C error messages) when I was using the old dll file.

I found and replaced the one in the HDSDR installation directory (C:\Program Files\HDSDR\ in my case) - the original version was 80384 bytes and the version which works (for me) is 92672 bytes.
Re: LO locks up after a while (HDSDR) imo 4/24/12 12:35 PM
..today the 92k large version is the best one... :)
Re: LO locks up after a while (HDSDR) Sivan Toledo 4/25/12 3:36 AM
Thanks everybody. My DLL is 92,672 bytes. I also added the tuner parameter to the hint. I'll see how it goes. I posted some results at http://sivantoledotech.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/dvbt-dongle/