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[Status] [Update #1] [info] BT single box design, still AAISP 9/8/09 7:44 AM
Posted at 2009-09-08 15:30 BST by AAISP
Update #1: 2009-09-08 15:44 BST

We were shocked to learn that BT had a "single box design" for WMBC
links to us, where by they have, in each metro node, only one (albeit
very large) router. The consequence is that planned maintenance causes
3 to 4 hour outages for customers even if they have multiple (BT)
lines. It also makes them vulnerable to vendor specific bugs and

We have been pursuing this with BT for some time. It is unbelievable
that anyone running an IP network would not use dual routers and router

We were, today, shocked to hear that senior people within BT did not
appear to actually understand the issue. Questions raised at the BT ISP
forum at BT tower today show that they actually thought that there was
a way we could connect on WBMC that would avoid these outages.

The whole point of WBMC is that it replaces BT Central links (where BT
come to us) but even with multiple connection points it would not avoid
this serious issue. BT still do not have a commercial model for us to
connect to two nodes even. We do have dual fibres and routers our end,
obviously. We now have dual providers because of this and hope to
launch our BE products properly next month.

To be fair, the technical people we deal with in BT fully understand
the issues, especially as they have maintain the network and address
the consequences of this design.

We hope BT can come back with a response on this and a clear indication
when they will be providing a network that is (in our opinion) fit for
purpose. We are happy to post BT's response, and if we are in any way
wrong, an apology - this is not a BT hate site after all.[IMAGE]

URL: http://aaisp.blogspot.com/2009/09/info-bt-single-box-design-still.html

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