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Greetings Michael Cox 3/29/12 4:53 AM
Hello all, surprised and delighted to find this group. I am moving home to the Tulsa area in a few days and look forward to meeting many of you. I am also ordering a Replicator in a few days.

I'm into robotics, microprocessors at both the Arduino and lower level, all kinds of programming, and music. I recently built a self-balancing robot that was made from scooter motors, lol. I am an Android developer with a good-selling game out, and I invented an early graphics protocol called Skypix that you can check out on Wikipedia if you're interested.

Nice to meet you, I am also a musician so look for me when you're out and about.
Re: Greetings Justin E 3/29/12 5:10 AM
Re: Greetings Scott Phillips 3/29/12 5:21 AM

Great to meet you! I am an instigator of lots of stuff related to technology and early stage entrepreneurship around here - when you get in town we should talk. Some of the stuff you need to check out: Fab Lab Tulsa, Tulsa Web Devs, Tulsa Hackathon, Fab Lab Symposium, School of Dev.

Welcome to Tulsa!

Scott Phillips

Re: Greetings jon 4/4/12 12:26 PM
Welcome. Also there is a Linux Special Interest Group that meets last Sat. at Hardesty Library 93rd East of Memorial.
It is mostly informal. no set agenda.