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Status update 1 Wolfy87 9/23/13 7:09 AM
Hello, everyone. This is the first status update of many that will be going out every Monday from now on. Here's a quick run down of what's been happening recently.

The first set of milestones has been laid out in full within this Google document, it details our initial aims and goals for the very first build of the game. We already have people working towards this goal and it looks like we're on target for around the 15th of October.

ShaneDalton, our project leader, has returned from a little break which relieves DarkSpartan of temporary command. DarkSpartan holds the position of lead writer and has since taken over lead designer as well. JTxt has also taken on the role of lead artist too. So the current leaders are as follows.
  • Project leader: ShaneDalton
  • Lead designer and writer: DarkSpartan
  • Lead artist: JTxt
  • Lead web developer: Wolfy87 (me)
  • Lead sound: CaptainStarPaw
  • Lead programmers: adam4813 and Pseudonym

We also have a new home on freenode, so feel free to migrate over to #project-trillek when you're ready. If you don't know about it yet, you can view all previous IRC conversations over at

That's about it for this week, please share this around and make sure everyone who's interested in Trillek gets to see it. Things are happening despite what some random redditors claim.


Wolfy87 / Oliver Caldwell.

Re: Status update 1 Miles Rout 9/24/13 2:12 AM
Lead programmer: mrout

Also, those milestones weren't approved by me. Don't make decisions
about programming without my approval. They weren't discussed on the
forums, therefore they don't exist.
Re: Status update 1 S0lll0s 9/24/13 5:13 AM
Project Leader > Lead Programmer.

You want hierachies, you get hierachies.
Re: Status update 1 UK_IN_US 9/24/13 1:04 PM
May I help?  I am not a great programmer, just learning in fact, but want to make a contribution to the team.  How can I help?
-Edward "UK_IN_US" Sims-Johnson
Re: Status update 1 9/26/13 5:23 AM
i swear terry likeman is lead sound...
Re: Status update 1 JTxt 10/6/13 9:58 PM
I'm surprised and honored that I was picked as lead artist.

However, I restarted school a couple weeks ago, and I need to line up some ducks before I can put much time into this; I have to turn this position down.

(Even so, I've been playing with some modular ship building ideas and how cameras, generic monitors, video switching might work, and trying to do a little prototyping in Blender; but did not get back into the community yet.)  I hope to get everything in order soon so I can share and help out more.

Take care,