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today's report Jason Priem 4/26/12 11:03 PM
did today:
  • provenance url construction works; happens on creation of items in the ItemFactory, so can be used by everyone else down the chain. i don't think all the providers actually have the right urls in the configs, but that's just a matter of copying them down from wherever.
  • refactored the items/item endpoint methods. focusing on the item (singular) method, as that's what the UI will use.
  • item method now serves json or html depending on an extension (/item/:tiid.json or /item/:tiid.html). Left a slot to also allow switching based on request quite easy. but leaving it for now, in interests of getting something working. tried the¬†¬†library and gave up after fixing two bugs and finding a third.
  • set up template switching based on genre (articles' metadata will look quite different from datasets', for instance.). I think in the future we'll let jinja switch in sub-templates, but seemed good to have the genre logic out of the presentation layer, at least at first.
  • the article html display code mostly works...still have to finish the metrics bits. using BeautifulSoup to compare the expected/actual results in testing, as string matching over strings that hairy was becoming nightmarish.
  • finish the item html article. then, probably
  • start on the collection report page.
  • I'm not totally grokking the backend changes because i didn't look at them much today. will want to spend some time on that.
  • biblio still doesn't work as far as i know. display won't work without biblio.
woohoo, it's looking good!
Jason Priem
UNC Royster Scholar
School of Information and Library Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Re: today's report Heather Piwowar 4/27/12 2:17 PM
great work, Kevin and Jason!

  • biblio still doesn't work as far as i know. display won't work without biblio.
I think biblio is working at least in part, as of this commit:

for example, this seems to pass in test_alias_queue integration test:

assert_equals(resp_dict["biblio"]['data']["year"], "2010")