[good] Widget Data is kept a maximum of 10 days (and opt-out)

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[good] Widget Data is kept a maximum of 10 days (and opt-out) Hugo Roy 6/15/12 8:21 AM
This is a big difference with Facebook's equivalent "Social Plugins"
Not only the data is kept for 0day up to 17 days, but there's also an opt-out mechanism!
When these websites first load our buttons or widgets for display, we receive Log Data, including the web page you visited and a cookie that identifies your browser ("Widget Data"). After a maximum of 10 days, we start the process of deleting or aggregating Widget Data, which is usually instantaneous but in some cases may take up to a week. While we have the Widget Data, we may use it to tailor content for you, such as suggestions for people to follow on Twitter. Tailored content is stored with only your browser cookie ID and is separated from other Widget Data such as page-visit information. This feature is optional and not yet available to all users. If you want, you can suspend it or turn it off, which removes from your browser the unique cookie that enables the feature. Learn more about the feature here. For Tweets, Log Data, and other information that we receive from interactions with Twitter buttons or widgets, please see the other sections of this Privacy Policy.

To me, that's a very important aspect of the privacy policy, because it indicates whether or not Twitter tracks you. With this, it is safe to say that Twitter does minimum, acceptable tracking, especially since they offer a way to opt-out. Kudos to Twitter for that. I'd give it a lot of weight and I think it deserves to be on the website, especially to offer a quick way for users to opt out.
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Twitter supports "do not track" DNT was: Re: [good] Widget Data is kept a maximum of 10 days (and opt-out) Hugo Roy 6/20/12 8:31 AM
Twitter Supports “Do Not Track”

"DNT as a simple way for users to inform integrated web services which
offer content across the Internet (such as buttons, widgets, and other
embedded features) that they do not want certain information about their
webpage visits collected across websites when they have not interacted
with that service's content on the page."

"When you turn on DNT in your browser, we stop collecting the
information that allows us to tailor Twitter based on your recent visits
to websites that have integrated our buttons or widgets. Specifically,
we remove from your browser the unique cookie that links your browser to
visits to websites in the Twitter ecosystem. We then cannot provide
tailored suggestions for you.  For more on how this works, see our
privacy policy.  "

So this is originally what I referred to as:
"Widget Data is kept a maximum of 10 days (and opt-out)"

I'll modify the data point accordingly
Re: Twitter supports "do not track" DNT was: Re: [good] Widget Data is kept a maximum of 10 days (and opt-out) Ian McGowan 6/24/13 11:32 AM
This is extremely important in my book. Anything where a service explicitly states any kind of opt-out method for tracking/etc. should be pointed out to users. Definitely keep on the site.