[bad] delicious new terms 2. no right to leave the service

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[bad] delicious new terms 2. no right to leave the service Hugo Roy 6/20/12 9:53 AM
You may remove your Member Content from the Service at any time by specifically marking it for deletion or terminating your Account.  If you choose to remove your Member Content or to terminate your Account, your Member Content will be removed from our systems in a commercially reasonable amount time (e.g., time enough to allow our services to update), provided, however, we may retain an archived copy as required by law or for legitimate business purposes. In addition, in certain instances, copies of your Member Content may continue to exist in published or recorded form when it has been retransmitted, redistributed, or otherwise licensed to others as contemplated in these Terms. So, for example, if you remove a comment or a collection of bookmarks associated with your Account, such content may continue to appear in other places if someone makes a copy before you remove it from the Service. (e.g., as indexed by a search engine or a web archive).

Aherm. At least, it's not for illegitimate or illegal business purposes!
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