Ham license exams Sunday

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Ham license exams Sunday Jon McClintock 6/30/09 2:09 PM
For those of you planning on taking the ham license exams on Sunday:

1) Go to wireless.fcc.gov and register to get your FRN. If you don't have an FRN, you'll have to give me your social security number, and I don't want that.
2) Bring $15 cash or check. This money goes directly to the ARRL to pay for your exam and licensing.
3) Unfortunately, we don't have three Extras to give the exams, so we can't do upgrades, only tests for Technician license. Come back at Defcon if you want to upgrade. ;)
4) You don't have to take the Saturday workshop to take the exam on Sunday.

Any questions about the exam session? Contact me.


Re: ToorCamp Ham license exams Sunday Paul Schneider 6/30/09 2:20 PM
KC2PIT is an Extra and has his VE badge and is with Notacamp