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Auto Task Generation Peter Ten Eyck 6/25/13 1:01 PM

Is there a way to create a task that creates a task?

For example: using AutoVoice to have a conversation with your phone. If the voice command isn't recognized, say "what should the response be?" and then automatically create a task and profile that links the response with the given key word.

Example conversation:

  • Me: Hello
  • Phone: How are you today?
  • Me: I'm angry
  • Phone: How should I respond to that?
  • Me: What are you angry about?
  • Phone: Ok, next time I'll say "What are you angry about?"

Tasker then creates a new profile using AutoVoice, triggering when it registers the phrase "I'm angry" (I could do some algorithmics to find keywords, but that's not in the picture right now) and launching a task that says "What are you angry about?" So the next time I tell my phone I'm angry, it will ask why. I didn't have to make the task myself; Tasker did it for me.

I posted this on r/Tasker on reddit and was told I might get some good answers here. 

What I'm thinking so far is keeping a foundation XML in external storage, where anything can read and write, then having the Tasker app run a javascript script that takes in any parameters and writes the specific task into the XML file.  Then I'd just need to import the new task to Tasker, but I don't know how to do that automatically.  Someone on reddit had the idea of creating tasks for different inputs (up, down, menu, etc) and using those to navigate through Tasker to get to the Import option, but I'm hoping there's a better way.

Auto Task Generation TomL 6/25/13 5:15 PM
I have no idea about how to programmatically create profiles, but one way to programmatically edit tasks is to build a static framework of tasker actions that do these steps:

1. check if external/bootstrap.js is newer than local/bootstrap.js
2. copy newer bootstrap.js file into local/
3. run javascript: bootstrap.js

Now just put all other code and future code changes in bootstrap.js