Labour Day 50K (from Velachery to Chengalpat) at 07:02:31 hours

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Labour Day 50K (from Velachery to Chengalpat) at 07:02:31 hours Anandhaselvan VS 5/1/12 4:21 AM

Labour Day 50K (from Velachery to Chengalpat)


Happy Labour Day to All….!


I went sleep before I think what I do for Labour Day. Suddenly, I remember my dream run is from Velachery to Chengalpat (50K). That’s right. Do it tomorrow and I create a plan.



Wakeup at 1:30am

Speed 7~8 kph (Slow jog with walk)

Start at 2:00am

Finished at before 10am

Time 7~8 hours

Back to room by the Train.                                      


I wake-up at 1:30am and I ready to run, I take 1.5L water, Mobile (Camera), Gel 1 pack, Towel, Sun glass and cash.

I start run from Velachery room at 2:15am, lot of the dogs follow me I carefully walk and escape from the dogs and I continue the run. I concert my rethame of the running and I not pushed up my speed and I continually maintained an average speed 7~7.5 kph.

Every 15 minutes I drink water upto 15ml, 2 cups coffee (50ml), 15g Chocolate, Tender count 3 numbers, and Half liter Salt Leman water. The course was very noise population (Vehicles unwanted making horn sounds). Every steps and seconds I enjoy the run… last 2 hours I feel very tough very hot weather and warmer.

          I did slow jog and walk and I successfully completed my highest distance the 50k at 07:02:31 hours. My previous highest distance was 48k (1st Shahid ECR 50k Ultra - 2010) at 05:48 hours

I back to Guindy by the train and walk to room. I very happily and safely come to room.


Weather report:

Humanity: 75~85

Weather: warmer, very Hot

Tempter: 28~35°


Course report:

Fully tar road, under metro rail constructions, heavy traffic early in this morning.



Start Time: 2:15am

End Time: 9:15am

Distance: 50.00 km

Time: 7:02:31

Avg Pace: 8:27 min/km

Avg Speed: 7.1 km/h

Calories: 2,975 C



Elevation Gain: 157 m

Elevation Loss: 121 m

MinElevation: 7 m

MaxElevation: 61 m


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