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A component for kernel Grégory Salvan 12/22/11 8:46 AM
I work on an open source project and wrote a small domain oriented
component to manage contexts.

I realized that this component can be included in symfony2 kernel and
may contribute to improve it.
So I pushed it on github and submit you the code, in hope it can help.
Git repository is here :

What is it ?
The base class manages :
 - informations about context :
     * the subject (what ?)
     * the environment (where ?)
     * the moment (when ? or while ...)
 - descriptions that consists in contextual properties.
 - context identity depending on properties

This class is extended with behaviours management.
Behaviours helps to define how to call a function or method and how to
create an object within context.

Finally, a small template class is provided to replace vars in
strings, objects properties or array elements by context properties

How integrate it in kernel ?
Kernel already uses contexts but in a different manner.
 - the subject can be either :
     * the name of kernel (property $name)
     * the current application
 - the environment is already used as is
 - moment refers to mode debug (while debugging) and can be extended
to "when we are in production", "while testing"...
 - Bundles can be descriptions of the context.

Why ?
It can help to share kernel properties without directly use kernel
It separates responsibilities in a domain oriented manner.

Hope it helps.
As it's my first message here, I would thanks all for your great job,