Startup Owner's Manual Study Group - Starts on April 23!

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Startup Owner's Manual Study Group - Starts on April 23! kahlil. corazo 4/20/12 7:03 PM
Okay, I'm going to jump the gun here and declare that we start immediately and move one chapter every Monday.

As mentioned in another thread, we don't have to be rigid about this. Let's do this like a caravan. There's a general direction and a general pace, but you could hang around longer in a town if you feel like it. People can join anytime at any part of the trail.

My suggestion is that we just send out an email as soon as we hit something interesting and start the discussion from there.

Perhaps we could contribute guide questions to help in thinking about the chapters? I think we should have a bias to action, so here are the questions I would contribute:
  • What will I START doing because of this idea?
  • What will I STOP doing because of this idea?


On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 12:16 PM, Lyle McKeany <> wrote:
I love this idea. Count me in. Although, I do need to buy the book first. When should this start?

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On Thursday, April 19, 2012 8:03:26 PM UTC-7, kahlil. corazo wrote:
Okay, I Googled "Startup Owners Manual Study Group" and there seems to be nothing like this.

So I went I ahead and created a Google group:

I'm very interested to go ahead with this even if there's just one more person out there willing to be part of this.

Meta-discussion first:
a. How do we go about with this?
b. What should be the pace?

Here's my take:
1. We read a chapter weekly
2. We each share how this chapter applies to our startup and we discuss
3. If we have any questions regarding the chapter, we discuss

There are 12 chapters so we should be able to complete one cycle in 3 months.


On Friday, April 20, 2012 9:35:27 AM UTC+8, Kahlil Corazo wrote:
I got my copy just a week ago. I'm finding it very relevant since I'm in the middle of starting a business.

If there is none yet, why don't we start an online group? I'd be very interested in going through it chapter by chapter and comparing application to each one's startup.

It would also help us commit to a pace of studying the book.

What do you think?


On Thursday, April 19, 2012 11:02:04 PM UTC+8, (unknown) wrote:

I ordered Steve Blank's "Startup Owner's Manual" about a month ago. I am just getting a chance to start reading it. I started reading "Four Steps to the Epiphany" years ago but never really embraced the book. It reminded me of a course text book, without the guidance of a formal course. Without the course to go along with it... I eventually put it with the other 50 or so books on my "To Be Read" shelf.

I'd like to give "Startup Owner's Manual some serious study.

Are there any study groups, online discussion groups, etc. where people are dialoguing about the book? Chapter by chapter? Like a class?

Thanks for your feedback.