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Sporcle CollaboLadder BanjoZebra 7/22/12 5:58 PM
I was getting really bored, so I thought to myself: "Hmmm... What if us Sporclers could create a 5 letter word ladder together using Sporcle University?" And here it is. The Sporcle CollaboLadder.

What to Post:

A 5-letter word that connects to the previous word in the word ladder.
A clue (not too hard, not too easy) for your 5-letter word.


Follow similar rules as you would if you were making your own word ladder, for example:
  • Don't change the same letter position twice in a row.
  • Make sure your word and clue are not too obscure.
And finally,
  • Please refrain from adding more than one word to the ladder.

I've added my word, and I'd love to see yours. If enough of us participate in the CollaboLadder, I'll make it into a Sporcle quiz. I'll keep track of the words, clues, and users here:

BRICK - Clay block used for building (BanjoZebra)

Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Halophex 7/22/12 6:18 PM
PRICK - to pierce
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder BanjoZebra 7/22/12 7:29 PM
Oh, oops. I guess I can't really keep track of the words on the original post. Alright then. Let's continue.

Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder druhutch 7/23/12 12:01 AM
Five dollars to anyone who comes up with something other than "PRICE" for the next rung.
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Geo1 7/23/12 6:04 AM
TRICK- decieve or outwit
That'll be $5 druhutch.
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder BanjoZebra 7/23/12 6:15 AM
Geo1 - Sorry, that would be changing the same letter position twice in a row. But on the upside, druhutch gets his money back. ;)

Okay, let's continue from PRICK.

Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Geo1 7/23/12 6:39 AM
PRINK- to deck or dress for show
Do I get my five dollars now?
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder druhutch 7/23/12 10:53 AM
Hey, I didn't say you get two tries. Okay, okay. you at least deserve $2.50. You did teach me a new word. Here I'll go:
PRINE - country/folk singer John
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder THEJMAN 7/23/12 4:17 PM
BRINE - pickle juice
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder RobPro 7/23/12 4:18 PM
PRUNE - Dried Plum
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder SproutCM 7/23/12 4:19 PM
And now we have a WORD FORK :)
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder BanjoZebra 7/23/12 5:26 PM
A "Word Fork." Interesting.

Okay, since THEJMAN did post first, let's continue from "Brine." Words so far:

Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Bazmerelda 7/24/12 3:45 AM
Have you ever tried to make a ladder from BANJO ---> ZEBRA? Not sure it would even be possible.

Anyway, as much as I'd like to engineer this towards BRONY, I think BRINY is probably a bit too close to BRINE. Instead I'll go with BRANE: Multi-dimensional object of M-Theory.

It could probably use a better clue than that but it is the only word I could find which really opened up the ladder.
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Toby123 7/24/12 5:13 AM
The upper edge of a steep or vertical slope: BRINK
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder BanjoZebra 7/24/12 6:23 AM
Wait a sec - "Brink" doesn't really word in a word ladder after "Brane." I don't know what happened there. Maybe another word fork.

Okay, continue from BRANE.

Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Toby123 7/24/12 6:43 AM
Oh stupid me! I didnt read Baz. post fully and missed the fact that he had posted, I am sorry! Ok, what about BRAVE?
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder vikZ 7/24/12 2:25 PM
I really want to use BRAVO but it would lead to a dead-end (well almost dead-end. Only options would lead to changing the same letter twice).
With that, I lead to:

CRAVE - Strongly desire
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder MrChewypoo 7/26/12 1:44 PM

CRAZE - The latest thing

Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Ubbiebubbie 8/25/12 5:15 AM
The Chevy _____: CRUZE
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder needapausebutton 8/25/12 8:50 AM
Syrian or Lebanese religious community: DRUZE
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Cryptus 8/25/12 9:49 AM
Is DOUZE (French for 12) cheating?
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder BanjoZebra 8/25/12 12:04 PM
Cryptus - Nope, DOUZE is totally fine.
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Ubbiebubbie 8/25/12 1:34 PM
NOT GIVING A WORD FOR THE WORD LADDER-- I got a start for BANJO ----> ZEBRA, but I'm no word ladder-er (just made that one up) so someone more experienced should fill in the middle.

Guitar alternative- BANJO
Burmese self defense style- BANDO
Musician clusters- BANDS
Contorts- BENDS
Futurama robot, gangsta style- BENDA (I'll admit, that one was a stretch)

Stuff to fill in, because I'm not sure what I'd do!

Messing of Ned & Stacey- DEBRA
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Ubbiebubbie 8/25/12 1:35 PM
And then 'Dalmatian horse'-  ZEBRA
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Sheldon 8/25/12 2:47 PM
I would give this quiz 5 globes JUST for the word "Collaboladder"!

Anyway here's mine:

To pour liquid on
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder stanford0008 8/25/12 3:29 PM
I think A great way to finish off the ladder would be to go with HOUSE. (Even gives it a theme!)

Popular television M.D.
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder needapausebutton 8/25/12 3:48 PM
If that IS the last word, the game's title could be "Word Ladder - Won't Get Blown Down"
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder BanjoZebra 8/25/12 6:15 PM
Hmm. Maybe we could end it there, and start another CollaboLadder on a different thread. Who agrees?
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Aurora Illumina 8/25/12 6:28 PM
This is nice. Maybe if we want to make a bigger collaboration, it would be easier for more people to chip in if we do a four-letter one. Would that work?
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Geo1 8/25/12 6:32 PM
I definitely think that we should do a four-letter collaboladder. Especially because these words are a little bit difficult.
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder BanjoZebra 8/25/12 6:51 PM
Yay! This thread turned out to be a huge success. Here's a link to the final quiz:

I will soon post another thread - Sporcle CollaboLadder 2!
(and this time, it'll be four-letter words.)
Re: Sporcle CollaboLadder Matt Selby 9/12/12 8:37 AM
Hey guys,

This was published today. This was a great idea, and I'm glad we could get you all some recognition for it.


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