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Socket.IO Nicholas Young 1/27/12 12:05 PM
I'm working on a Socket.IO backend for Spine.Model. I've started by
porting (what seem to be) the relevant bits from Spine.Model.Ajax, but
was wondering if anyone has done this before, or has advice?


Re: Socket.IO Christof Haemmerle 1/28/12 8:32 AM
hi nicholas,

i am just getting ready to for a project i planed to look into myself. if you want we can team up.

Re: Socket.IO Vojtech Rinik 1/29/12 4:00 AM

I'm working on something similar.

It's based on REST, it only uses WebSockets to push changes.

When you open the app, the objects are loaded through REST. Now when somebody changes an object, a push notification is sent over WebSocket and it's automatically updated.

Note that the WebSocket part is not implemented yet:

I would love to talk about it and about other possible solutions, so both of you guys feel free to contact me at vojto (at) me (dot) com, if you're interested. Thanks.
Re: [Spine] Re: Socket.IO Jorin Vogel 1/29/12 3:11 PM

Maybe this tutorial helps you.  The implementation with spine should be quite similar.

2012/1/29 Vojto Rinik <>

Re: Socket.IO SpecOne 4/11/12 6:09 AM
Have you guy's done anything or got some experience with and spinejs? I am going to implement in our software in the next couple of weeks.