how to uninstall spf13-vim

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how to uninstall spf13-vim spearmint 4/30/12 10:55 PM
I tried to install spf13-vim but it didn't go well. I'm on OSX 10.4 (tiger) which had a vim version of 6.2. So I tried to upgrade to vim 7.3 via MacPorts but for some reason "vim --version" still says 6.2 even though 7.3 was installed and "which vim" points to the macports location. So then to try to right the ship I installed macvim 7.3 but that still pulls up the same errors from botched install of spf13-vim.

Is there a way to roll back to the default and effectively uninstall spf13-vim?
Re: how to uninstall spf13-vim Henning Glatter-Gotz 5/1/12 3:35 AM

What errors are you getting "from the botched install of sfp13-vim"?

I am not aware of an automated uninstall, but it should be fairly simple to get it removed.
Take a look at your home directory, during installation spf13-vim made backups of the original vim files

.vim => .vimYYYYMMDD
.vimrc => .vimrcYYYYMMDD
.gvimrc => .gvimrcYYYYMMDD

This should restore your default (I have not tried it):
rm .vim
rm .vimrc
mv .vimYYYYMMDD .vim
mv .vimrcYYYYMMDD .vimrc
mv .gvimrcYYYYMMDD .gvimrc (if it exists)

optionally you can delete .spf13-vim-3

Re: how to uninstall spf13-vim Tony Brown 12/18/12 6:38 AM
Does this work?

I want to uninstall this, I am new to vim and don't need most of the stuff this comes with.
my colors are not display correctly.

How to get rid of the white space indicators ?
Re: how to uninstall spf13-vim Spf13 12/19/12 8:20 AM
running the uninstall script should do it for you.