ScalaDays 2012.

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ScalaDays 2012. Guillaume Belrose 4/18/12 5:38 AM
Hi all,

Just for your information, ScalaDays 2012 is taking place in London.
The event started yesterday (17th of April), and finishes today. All
presentations so far have been recorded, and you can look at them on
the Skillsmatter website:

I've taken some notes which I am more than happy to share once I had
the time to tidy them up a bit.

There is quite a buzz in the London area about Scala, especially in
the financial sector. Is there much happening in SA at present?

Anyhow, I hope you find the videos useful.


Re: ScalaDays 2012. Mitch Wong Ho 4/18/12 5:59 AM
Thanks, Guillaume.--
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