Scala + Vaadin = Scaladin

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Scala + Vaadin = Scaladin Richard Kolb 3/5/12 6:37 AM
Hi guys

Saw this blog about Scala and Vaadin


Re: Scala + Vaadin = Scaladin Guillaume Belrose 3/21/12 2:29 AM
'Hi all, 

I've not used this particular add-on but I have build a Web UI in Scala with Vaadin and found the combination to be very productive. I've used it to build a Web UI to complement a RESTful Web Service and it worked well for me. 

Vaadin is well worth a look for building low-traffic, intranet-type applications.


Re: Scala + Vaadin = Scaladin Cornel Masson 4/30/12 1:30 AM
How will Play! framework + Vaadin work? I'm looking over the shoulder of a colleague that's developing a Vaadin app, and it seems the Vaadin Eclipse plugin generates its own web app structure (web.xml, etc.) with only the one dispatcher servlet. Also, the whole point of Vaadin is programming the presentation layer "GUI builder" style (e.g. like Swing), so there's no HTML templating, etc.

Is there any role for something like Play! in a Vaadin app?