Play! framework with Scala

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Play! framework with Scala Duma Mtungwa 2/16/12 5:52 AM
Hi all.

I have fallen in love with Scala and am using it with the play framework. wanted to hear your thoughts about it.
I cannot seem to find anyone in Cape town using it.

Re: Play! framework with Scala Mitch Wong Ho 2/17/12 3:45 PM
Hi Duma,

I have two instances of Play in production (running on GAE) written in
Java. It's a great framework!
Re: Play! framework with Scala Wilter du Toit 2/20/12 3:00 AM
Hi Duma

Play, Scala, squeryl, and the rest of the scala ecosystem makes for a
great dev combination.

Our company is based in Cape Town (CBD) and we currently have a
position open that includes a significant amount of Scala dev.

I am posting the details below:


VMT (Virtual Mobile Technologies), creator of Ramp, is looking for a
world class senior
developer to join its team!

About Ramp:

The Ramp platform allows mobile enterprise applications to be
created in a fraction of the time and cost than previously possible.
The resulting solution runs on the majority of platforms
in the market (iOS, Blackberry,Android,J2ME etc.)
without the developer needing to be concerned with the intricacies of
each mobile platform and its challenges. By using the ramp platform it
is possible to create higher quality applications within a period of a
couple of weeks than was previously possible with a dedicated team
working for months on end.


* Deep Java development experience

* Test driven development and other XP engineering practices

* Java memory model and concurrency experience

* Spring framework

* Eclipse

* Ant/Ivy

* Enterprise application integration experience (Web services, REST

* Lean and Agile methodologies experience

* Significant experience with running production enterprise
applications on Unix, Linux and Windows

Beneficial skills:

* Native application development experience is highly beneficial
(Android, iOS, BlackBerry, WP 7 etc.)

*  Frontend web development (HTML 5, Javascript etc.)

* .NET development experience

* Functional language experience (e.g. Scala or clojure)

* Mentoring experience with TDD

* Puppet automated configuration


* Able to architect and lead a project from inception to delivery

* Able to work closely with customers

* Ability to focus and get things done

* Excellent communication skills

* Self motivated

* Proven track record

* Constantly researching methods to improve


jobs at


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