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Tamil Movie News--Pudhu Edition 3 Sandya Sitaraman 5/17/96 12:00 AM

***Ellorukkum Vanakkam***

***Tamil Movie News (Cont.)***

***Who's Hot!.. Who's In-Between!.. Who's not! in Tamil movies today!***

***Vijay (HOT!).. he began 1996 off very well with the successes of
"Kuyamuththur Maapillai" and "Poove Unakkaaga"... even though "Vasantha
Vaasal" did not bring showers of praise, it appears Vijay's new venture
with his father S.A.Chandrasekaran.. "Maanbumigu Maanavan" has potential
to succeed as well.. Vijay has not only sung a song "Thiruthanni-kku
ponaa" in the film.. but also avarudaiya usual non-chalant style-il
jamaaiththu thalli irukkiraar yendru kelvi!!.. 1996-il vetri-yai nokki
"Vijay"aththil sella arambiththu vitaar SAC pillai!..

***Sangavi (NOT!).. Vijay's co-star in "Kuyamuththur Maapillai".. her
career has hit rock bottom and she, in turn, hit the road to Andhra!..
even though she stars in "Mannavaa" with Prasanth and Oorvasi!.. Probably
Rambha and Devayaani are eating her kavarchi roles for lunch!.. Paavam
neram seriyillai!..

***Rambha (HOT!).. and why would she not be hot?!.. especially after she
stole the hearts of Madras jollargal in "Ullaththai Allithaa".. She is on
the cover of every magazine in town!.. As "Shengotai" draws sizable
crowds in theatres, Rambha currently stars with Prabhu and Sathyaraj in
"Siva-Shakthi," "Sundhara Purushan" with Livingston!..

***P.Vasu (NOT!).. he has basically hidden under some shell!.. 1995 was
disasterous for Director Vaasu with "Kattumarakkaaran," "Mr. Madras,"
"Cooli," and adding to the misery in 1996 came, "Love Birds," which
pretty placed a full stop on Vaasu's career!.. Hope this is not the end
of the "Chitterumbu" director!..

***Vidhyasaagar (In-B!).. He seems to be one of the few music directors
left to sustain his career by showing some brilliant signs on and off!..
"Aayudha Poojai" and "Shengotai" were supposed to be plum projects, but
the music was not hotly listened to by anyone!.. Same story with this
year's "Kuyamuththur Maapillai".. the songs were good, but needed more
flair!.. Arjun irukkura varaikkum, as usual Vidhyasaagar-ukku kavalai

***Vadivelu (HOT!).. As a comedian/gunachitra nadigar.. Vadivelu has
successfully bagged several awards for his performance last year in
"Ellame En Raasadhaan".. Aanaal, kashta kaalam along with Prabhudeva!..
both suffered badly because of "Love Birds".. Vadivelu currently stars in
Bharathiraaja's "Thamizh Selvan," Babu Ganesh's "Naan Oru Indhiyan," and
"Bharathi," "Mr. Romeo" with Prabhudeva, and "Kaalam Maari Pochchu" with
Pandiyarajan and directed by V.Sekhar!..

***Rajinikaanth (HOT!).. As always, "Muthu" set a new record for
Rajinikaanth's career!.. It ran longer than "Baadhshaa" and sustained the
interests of its audiences a lot more!.. Rajini's next film.. at least
news about it is eagerly awaited!.. "Katchi ellam ippo ungalukku
yedhukku!.. Pudhu padam paththi sonna.. podhum engalukku".. yendru
medhuvaai rasigar-galukku aagi kondirukkiradhu!..

***Prakash Raaj (HOT!).. After a very eventful 1995 with a cameo
appearance in "Bombay" and a full length obsessed villain in "Aasai"..
Prakash Raaj's name appears in any and every film with a villain role
with substance!.. Prakash Raaj stars in R.V.Udhayakumar's "August 15th,"
Saravannan's "Vishwanath," Rajeev Menon's "Minsaara Kanavu," Vijaykanth's
"Ulavuthurai," Saratkumar's "Aravindhan," Arunkumar's "Priyam" and two
films in Malayaalam and a bunch more in Telegu as well!.. Prakash Raaj-in
"Aasai" poll ellam nadakiradhu!..

***Sukanya (In-B!).. A mediocre year for Suks last year with "Mr. Madras"
and this year's Kalaignyar film "Meendum Parashakthi"!.. Sukanya has a
lot counting on Shankar's "Indhiyan".. and K.Bhagyaraj's "Gnaana
Pazham".. Luckily, she also bagged the role with Sathyaraj recently in
"Senaadhibadhi".. She attended the Cinema Express Awards last month and
appeared to be a little melinju-fied!.. Kavalai pattaal melinju pogaamal

***Sirpi (In-B!).. "Ullaththai Allithaa" is a big boost for Sirpi in his
music direction career!.. Manidhar finally made it to buying his own home
and a keyboard for himself only a few months ago!.. Adhu varaikkum verum
harmonia petti dhaan polirukkiradhu!.. Knowing where talent is, Sirpi has
joined the "UA" team again for "Mettukudi" with Sundhar C. and Karthik
and Co... Sirpi has also decided to play it safe and signed to compose
for another Ramarajan film after "Amman Koil Vaasalile".. Nejamaave than
isai-yai vaiththu eppodhu nam "ullaththai alluvaaro?".. Kaalam dhaan

***Kanaka (NOT!).. Her greatest hindrance to her growth to date has been
her mother Devika!.. Aanaal, Kanaka unmai-yai oththu kolla maattar!.. She
claims to be acting in a few tamil films.. but "Katta Panjaayaththu" with
Karthik is the only big movie that she is really associated with!.. Like
Prasanth, who has Appa problems, Kanaka-vukku market ippodhai-kku adho
gadhi dhaan!..

***Adithyan (NOT!).. Given the choice Adithyan might want to start this
year all over again!.. The only film he composed music for "Kizhakku
Mugam".. mannai kavviyadhu!.. Basically, the only film in Adithyan's
hands is "Sivan" the new Velu Prabhakaran film!.. Maybe it has something
to do with robots and Adithyan.. The last Velu Prabakaran film that
Adithyan composed music for "Asuran"!.. another film on iyandhira
manidhan!.. "Seevalaperi Paandi" kaalangal eppo thirumba varumo?..

***Goundamani and Senthil (DEFINITELY HOT!).. They have practically
squished their competition in comedy today!.. Charlie, Chinni Jayanth,
and many others are unfortunately far behind G&S today!.. Interestingly,
neither of the two yedu pattufies much without his counterpart!.. except
for a few instances!.. But Goundamani is big today in Kodambaakkam!..
Jayaram, Karthik, Prabhu, Arjun all insist on Goundar's presence in
their films!.. Ellam amoga-maana neram dhaan!..

***Anandharaaj and Mansoor Ali Khan (In-B!).. Unfortunately, for the both
of them, their desire to become heroes has blinded them!.. Plus, nalla
villain role tamil padaththil kidaipadhu aboorvam, or so, AR and MA might
insist!.. Mansoor is busy working on "Aavadhum Pennaaley Azhivathu
Pennaaley", while Anandharaaj is boosting his hero status working on
"Kadhiravan"!.. Both actors are doing villain roles in several films..
Yenna, perisaaga sollvadharkku yedhuvum illai!.. "Makkal Aatchi"
range-il adikkadi yedhaavadhu vandhaal dhaan AR-aalum, MAK-aalum thaakku
pidikka mudiyum!..

***Shankar (HOT!).. Hatrick adiththu kondirukkum manidhar!.. With the
profits of "Gentleman" and "Kadhalan" profits in his pocket, and a
sizable nottu kaththai he and A.M.Ratnam would receive for their hard
work on "Indhiyan".. Shankar's next film is in the works, as we speak!..
The story, actor and actress have yet to be decided upon!.. but Producer
yaar-nu theriyum!.. Ashok Amitharaaj and his company Amritharaaj
Entertainment!.. A.R.Rahman will compose music for the fourth movie in a
row for Shankar!.. while the shooting is planned to begin around
August/September of 1996, tentative release date scheduled is Pongal 1998!..
(Meesai-kaarar sir?.. Yengay irukkireergal?.. Saththathiye Kannum?!!!)..

***Nagma (In-B!).. 1995 was a blowout year for Nagma.. she blew all her
competition away with "Baadhshaa" and "Villaadhi Villain".. but towards
the end, rendu padam sodhappi, "Rahasiya Police" in Oct. '95 and "Love
Birds" in Jan '96!.. Nagma sorndhu vittaar!.. Luckily, she has been able
to maintain her "In-Between" position, because of the big hot shot heroes
she has been acting with!.. T.Siva's "Aravindhan" with Saratkumar and
Parthiban, Chitra Lakshmanan's "Periya Thambi" with Prabhu, Sundhar C.'s
"Mettukudi" with Karthik.. and BRACE YOURSELF for this!.. Nagma stars in
a Bhaarathiraaja film in 1996 under his direction, which she believes
will be a major turning point for her career!..

***Jyothimeena (HOT!).. Despite what we believe, Kavithasri, Silk Smitha,
Sharmili and Vichitra no longer pose a legitimate threat to Jyothimeena's
kavarchi nadanam today!.. She might not be the prettiest of the lot, but
Jyothimeena can scrounge a bit of acting if needed, as we saw in
"Ullaththai Allithaa".. It is indeed amazing that JM can sustain a career
in a time when Nagmas, Rambhas, Sangavis all do kavarchi nadanams as

***Raghuvaran (In-B!).. With his awesome performance in "Thotta
Shinungi".. Raghuvaran apappo rejuvenates the hope we have lost in him!..
Niraiyaa bad habits-il maatti kondu, dedication problem vandhu, konja
naal aalle kaanaamal poyi vitaar!.. It's quite a relief to know that he's
back!.. He stars in Kasthuriraja's "Veera Thaalaattu" with Murali,
Kushboo, Lakshmi and Raadhika and a few other films as a villain!.. Neja
vaazhvil "thotta shinungi" aaga illaamal irundhaal seri!..

***Raaja (HOT!).. One of the few tamil stars left today, who can get away
with acting both villain and gunachitra roles!.. With tremendous success
from roles in "Sathi Leelavathi," "Karuththamma," "Meendum Saavithiri" in
the last few years.. Raaja is the most sought after gunachitra nadigar
today, along with Nizhagal Ravi and Chandrasekhar!.. He currently stars
in "Sivappu Nila" with Vinitha, as a college student in "Andha Naala"
with Prem and Mohini, "Nilam Paarkkum Nilavu".. a soft character in the
first half, who turns into a ruffian in the second half, with Sangita!..
and as an agricultural engineer in "Bhaarathi Kannamma" with Paarthiban
and Meena!.. All in the form of "Then Merku adhishta kaatru" for Raaja

***Ramki & Murali (BONDI!).. Considering "Irattai Roja" might have done
moderately well, while his performance begins and end withing the second
half of "Karuppu Roja".. Ramki's career does not look very bright these
days!.. It appears that only Director KR, who starred him in "Vanaja
Girija," "Maaya Bazaar 1995," and "Irattai Roja," is the only director
sincerely interested in preserving Ramki's career!.. Poor Murali's life
is even worse!.. With "Adharmam"'s success in 1994, and a mediocre
"Sathiyavaan" the same year, Murali's luck has basically run out on
him!.. He has presumably grabbed Vignesh's role in "Ratna" and stars with
Jayaram, Sangita and Abiraami!.. and also in Kasthuriraaja's "Veera
Thaalaattu", dominated by three women: Raadhika, Kushboo, and Lakshmi!..

***Deva (HOT!).. Call it talent or call it adhistam, Deva indraikku tamil
cinema-vil podu podu yendru podugiraar!.. After "Baadhshaa" and "Aasai"
which ruled the song charts last year!.. Deva has really been churning
out the big hits with "Maala Kaalai" in "Parambarai," "En Manadhai
Kollai" in "Kallurivaasal," and he still has plenty on the way composing
for K.S.Ravikumar/Kamal flick "Avvai Shanmugi," Bharathiraaja's "Thamizh
Selvan," Rajkiran's "Puli Pirandha Mann," Sathyaraj-Prabhu film "Siva
Shakthi," Parthiban's "Soththukatchi" and "Bharathi Kannamma"!.. "Konja
Naal Poruththu irundhu.. oru vetri kodi naatta vandhu vitaar".. DEVA!..

***K.S.Ravikumar and Actress Meena (HOT!).. Have you possibly heard of
"Kuraiya pichchindu kottaradhu?".. If you have, that's the reason why KSR
and Meena have been grouped together as "HOT"!.. They are constantly
showered with awards and their films alatchiyam-aa runs 100 days or so!..
K.S.R's run began right with "Naataamai," after which, he took "Periya
Kudumbam" and "Parambarai".. both did extremely well at the Box Office!..
Same story with Meena.. after a very successful 1994 with "Naattamai" and
"Veera".. Meena-vai asachchukka aall illai!.. K.S.Ravikumar currently
directs Kamalhaasan and Meena (here she is again!).. in "Avvai
Shanmugi".. and Vijaykanth in "Dharma Chakkaram" and Raamaraajan in
"Kaalaiyan"!.. While Meena jamaaiththu kondirukkum three films:
Rajkiran's "Ponn Villaiyira Bhoomi," "Vallal" with Sathyraj, Roja and
Sangita and "Bharathi Kannamma" with Paarthiban!.. Plus R.B.Choudhri
padam supposed to be titled "Paamaran" with the "Naattaamai" team is
still in the tentative stage!..

***Arvind Swamy (HOT!).. According to the media, AS is becoming like our
next Rajini!.. He acts in one or two films a year and takes the rest of
the year as vacation time spending it in foreign countries!.. Aanaalum,
AS can afford it, considering avar Maniratnam aasthaana nadigar/hero!..
After a moderately successful "Devaraagam," Arvind Swamy stars in A.V.M.
Productions-Rajeev Menon direction film "Minsaara Kanavu" with Kajol and
Prabhudeva.. plus "Anandham" under "guru" Maniratnam's direction!..
Nimmadhiyaa "HUMMA" paadi kondirukkum ore nadigar ivar dhaan!.. No
kavalais at all!..

***Pavithran (In-B!).. Director Pavithran's career is the epitomy of the
"circus balancing act!".. kitta thatta ball-ai mookkil vaithu kondu
vilaayaadum otter polla!.. With "VasanthaKaala Paravai" and "Sooriyan"
doing okay, and "Indhu" doing extremely well, outside the Kunjumon
realm.. appuram varisaiyaana bondis.. "I Love India," "Thiru Moorthy,"
"Kallurivaasal,".. There is still no word on his proposed take-off of
Sarat's character in "Indhu" titled "Mookkuththi Kaasi" with Roja
either!.. "Dole Dappi" aagi kondirukkum career polla therigiradhu!!..

Last but not least, the most happiest to report about is:

***Karthik (HOT-O! HOT!.. HOT!).. With a series of flops in 1994 and
1995, "Muthukkaalai" was somewhat of a welcome change from Kaarthik!..
The movie didn't do well, but avarudaiya acting class-ai kaatti
vittaar!.. Adhukku appuram thanks to "Thotta Shinungi" director
Adhiyamaan!.. Karthik was really back into the industry.. further thanks
to Kushboo's fiance, Director Sundhar C. with the great comedy
"Ullaththai Allithaa" which was released Pongal 1996!.. Karthik kai-yil
tons of films including: "Poovarasan" with newface Rakshana.. Direction:
Gokulakrishnaa ("Muthukkaalai"), "Mettukudi" with Nagma, Goundamani..
Direction: Sundhar C., "Katta Panjaayaththu" with Kanaka (supposed to
have been out, by now!), "Thalaimurai" under Director Adhiyamaan's
direction!..  Romba Naall kazhiththu jolly-aai "Ilam Thenral Veesum
Kaalam Idhu" paada arambithth-irukkiraar Kaarthik!..

My Sources: Cinema Express, Kumudham, Anandha Vikatan..

Special Thanks to all those to write new tamil film news to me and to
those who keep me informed of all the developements in the tamil film

Tamil Movie News will be going on a short vacation for the month of
June!.. but will be back in July 1996!

Adhu varaikkum, as usual, ungalukku yedhaavadhu pudhu thamizh pada seidhi
therindhaal, adhai nichchayam ennudan pangu kollveergal yendru nambukiren!


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