The first Cabinet after Rana Regime

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The first Cabinet after Rana Regime 7/22/94 10:18 AM

According to New Delhi Agreement, King Tribhuvan announced in 13 February
1951, a cabinet headed by Mohan Shamshher.  The followings were the members
of the Cabinet.

From Rana side:

1 Mohan Shamsher - Prime minister and Foreign Affairs (no formal education)
2 Babar Shamsher - (younger brother of Mohan Shamsher- was in line for the
next premiership) - Minister - Defence (Education not known)
3 Chudraj Shamsher - ("B" class Rana representative) - Minister - Forests (
Education not known )
4 Nripa Janga Rana _ ("C" class Rana representative) -
Minister - Education (Education not known)
5 Yagya Bahadur Basnet - (Rana  Bhardar- Grape vine source) - Minister -
Health and Local self-government (Education not known).

From Nepali Congress side:

1. Subarna Shamsher (Founder of Nepal Democratic Congress and Treasurer of
Nepali Congress after the merger of the two) - Minister - Finance (Education
MA from Calcutta University)
2. BP Koirala (Previous President of Nepali
National Congress before merger of NDC and NNC to Nepali Congress) -
Minister Home (Education BA BL from Benaras)
3. Ganesh Man Singh (Member of
Working Committee Nepali Congress) - (Got first division in Matriculation
exam at Calcutta) - Minister Commerce and Industry
4. Bharatmani Sharma ( Graduate Student Benarus Hindu University) - No
important position in the party but founded Students Union in Benarus -
Minister - Food and Agriculture
5. Bhadrakali Mishra (MA) - Not a member of Nepali Congress at the time of
coalition government.  But came initially from Nepali congress and later
formed People's service Organization in Mahottari - Minister Transport.

This cabinet was reshuffled in 10th June 1951 to replace Babar Shamsher by
Shangha Shamsher and Bharatmani Sharma by Surya Prasad Upadhyaya.

This cabinet was dissolved in November 1951 and MP Koirala became the
new Prime Minster (President Nepali Congress that time).