Measurements Toolbar - Copy & Paste?

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Measurements Toolbar - Copy & Paste? Greg 8/8/09 8:50 PM
To all,

Certainly would be helpful if one could cut, copy & paste when the UI
focus was the Measurements Toolbar...

Re: Measurements Toolbar - Copy & Paste? aerilius 8/9/09 4:19 AM
This one of the small, easy realizable and very usefull suggestions! I
hope someone from SU-Team keeps it in mind.

For a length, you can draw a help line, and select the value in the
entity info (best you have a precision of cm or mm). Then delete the
line again. But I don't know how about angles. Or does someone know
another work-around?
Re: Measurements Toolbar - Copy & Paste? Greg 8/9/09 5:17 AM

Actually, I'm more interested in being able to *paste into* the
Measurements toolbar.  Sometimes I work with things based on log
scales, and I have the coordinates, but can't paste them anywhere.

If you want to know various measurements of entities, try downloading
a (free) plug-in I wrote at

It has a numeric info window that tells you about everything.  BTW,
sorry about all the menu items in it.  The base plug-in is used for

Some parts may not be mac compatible...