Checkbox 'building does exist, GE images out of date'

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Checkbox 'building does exist, GE images out of date' LOGAN 8/22/09 4:10 AM
On several occasions I modeled a building that does not show up on
Google Earth satellite images because it's out of date. It seems all
building build after 2005 are missing from the satellite images used
in Google Earth at my location. For this reason often my models are
rejected because the reviewer can't find the reference on the
satellite images and thinks the building doesn't exist.

I then use a much more recent areal photography as image overlay to
position the buildings and to make sure the building is at the best
position I can get it wthout real Google Earth imagery.

But most of the times I end up appealing because of this. Maybe it is
more productive that the submit page already has a check box stating
"Google Earth images out of date, building not visible on them" or
similar to give the reviewer a heads up on why he might think the
building doesn't show up. This might help reduce the extra work of
both the reviewer and the modeler and streamline the submission

I already appealed 3 of the 4 buildings. I'll have to appeal the 4th
as soon as it is reviewed (rejected?) for the same reason.

I hope you agree.