Variant on "Select tool shortcut on Mac" Known Issue

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Variant on "Select tool shortcut on Mac" Known Issue MikeP 9/14/09 7:23 AM
I seem to have a variant on the Known Issue Spacebar Opens Model
Entity Info.  (or possibly I'm a blithering idiot and have missed the
obvious)  I'm using a Mac, or this wouldn't be an issue.  I have the
described problem where the Model Entity Info window opens whenever I
tap the spacebar.  I actually wouldn't say that it happens *all* the
time, but I haven't found a pattern yet.  The help topic says that
FrontRow might be interfering but so far as I know I'm not running
FrontRow.  At least a search of my hard drive doesn't come up with any
results for that name...  (this is where the blithering idiot bit
comes in, because what if I'm searching my own computer wrong?)  All I
know for sure is that it's annoying and I'd like to know if there is
anything I can do about it!



Michael Pendleton
MP Custom Made
Re: Variant on "Select tool shortcut on Mac" Known Issue bjanzen 9/14/09 4:20 PM
It's the tab sequence tied with Full Keyboard Access on a Mac (toggled
via control-F7 or System Preferences->Keyboard & Mouse->Keyboard
Shortcuts at the bottom of the panel).  With this on "All controls"
instead of "Text boxes and lists only", you'll see a light blue around
the active control.  You can move this around via tab, so you'll see
different results depending on what has the light blue highlight
around it.

The blue Aqua-tized button responds to return, and the blue outlined
button responds to spacebar.  The return key stays with the default
choice, but you can tab to multiple choices for the spacebar.  For
example, open a file in SketchUp, save (command-s) call it foo.  Now
type command-shift-s (Save As...) and it'll bring up foo.  Hit enter,
and you get: "foo.skp” already exists. Do you want to replace it?
You can now either hit return for cancel, or tab then spacebar to get
replace.  No mouse necessary.  Hope that helps.

Re: Variant on "Select tool shortcut on Mac" Known Issue bob 9/26/09 4:37 PM
I see. So what's the bug?