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Merged objects wbdhr 9/17/09 10:49 AM
I created two rectangles, and when I drag one over the top of the
other they become merged.  Any subsequent mov3e will cause both
objects to stretch.
How do I keep this from happening?  I would like to move and re-move
an object any number of times before deciding to merge it with
something else.
Re: Merged objects Wo3Dan 9/17/09 11:27 AM

Select the entities that you would like to stay separated.
Right click on the selection and choose 'Make Groupe'.

Groups and components are to separate geometry from being
sticky to other geometry.

The opposite would be to 'Explode'a group or component.
After exploding the geometry sticks to other geometry in the
same level.

Re: Merged objects George Knowles 9/18/09 4:59 AM
Hi wbdhr,

Just as Wo3Dan explains, Groups and Components are the means of
controlling whether geometry sticks together or not.  Take a closer
look and you’ll find Components offer many other valuable functions
beyond mere separation of geometry.  Understanding their use is
essential to happy modeling with SketchUp.

The video tutorial on Components (4:26) at the link below explains

Best regards,

Re: Merged objects svn.blogger 9/20/09 6:57 PM
You can declare them as separated groups (Make Group), when you want to return them on the original level - use Explode on each of them.