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Mating pieces HappySenior 9/30/09 12:37 PM
A question from the Montana Senior Citizen newbie:

I have designed a desk unit with drawers as part of a room divider.
The drawers were created on the same level as the desk unit in the
free version of SketchUp 7. The design includes drawer guides.

My problem is that I want the drawers to fit inside the desk and I
can't get the pieces to mate so that I could have scenes with the
drawers both open and closed.

I realize that I can "cheat" by just creating dummy fronts for the
drawers.Should the drawers be left as a stand-alone version?

This seems really to be a scaling problem. It appears that SU has
represented the desk unit in a different scale than the drawers. All
measurements in  the designs are correct and should integrate.

As always, any help provided is appreciated.

Re: Mating pieces mac1 9/30/09 1:00 PM
SU 7+ has a feature called auto intersect. Your problem maybe this
feature. You should make the draws a component such that they are
separate form the rest of the desk geo. The scaling issue I don't
quite understand. Can you post your model so everyone can see and
comment. you may want to select your geo and select reset scale if you
think there is a problem there. This is only available for components
and I doubt is your problem. To upload a file go to the home page and
you will see the files option at the near top right
Re: Mating pieces HappySenior 9/30/09 9:28 PM
Mac, Thanks for trying to help.
I designed the drawers as a separate object on the layer as the desk
unit. Originally, I separately created both of them as groups.
Per your info, I revised them as components, I have tried uploading
them to 3D Warehouse using the SU instructions for uploading a
After signing in, nothing happened.
Also, I went to my SU home page and did not see a files upload option
at the near top right.
Incidentally, if I select either component and right click, the "reset
scale" option is grayed out.

I'll try to upload my model again tomorrow, after the frustration
Re: Mating pieces ronski 10/1/09 12:14 PM
Hi HappyS
                  Do as Mac1 says -re Uploading Files - BUT you must
be signed in first, then at the top right of this page click Files and
it will say Files + upload....

 Good luck

Re: Mating pieces HappySenior 10/2/09 1:27 PM
Per advice read and a link on another thread, I uploaded my file to
The file is an .skb file labeled room divider desk unit.skb.

I have not been able to upload a file to 3D Warehouse despite
following the instructions "Uploading a model to the 3D Warehouse."
The third step says a "sign in" page will appear and contains note
that if already signed in, "upload your model to 3D Warehouse" page
appears and the name of the account appears at the top-right of the
page. This does not happen! I get a blank page titled "3D Warehouse"
with a clicking sound like it is trying to do a hard drive search.
This page contains two arrow icons and the home icon. The only active
icon is the home icon which takes the user to the main page for
downloading models. There is no mention of uploading on this page.

I am beginning to wonder about my Happy Senior alias...
Re: Mating pieces Colin Holgate 10/2/09 2:18 PM

On Oct 2, 2009, at 4:27 PM, HappySenior wrote:

> The file is an .skb file labeled room divider desk unit.skb.

What is an skb file? It shows as as just text, so I downloaded the  
file and changed the extension to skp, and all was ok.

What is the remaining problem to solve?

Re: Mating pieces mac1 10/2/09 3:25 PM
Have not spent much time but my eyes say there is a miss match between
the draw dado and the guides. Form top of draw to top of dado is 1
9/16 but in draw pocket it meas 1 1/4 ??

On Oct 2, 2:27 pm, HappySenior <> wrote:
> Per advice read and a link on another thread, I uploaded my file to
Re: Mating pieces mac1 10/2/09 3:56 PM
Suggest way to correct. I did just one side but this should work for
others. Make bottom and front components. Then do a section slice at
the side front/back interface, context click and turn that slice into
group. You can then select the draw side and make it a component and
do a mirror about center, -1 scale, and that should get what you want.
You can explode all back if you want. Also you can just redraw the
Re: Mating pieces mac1 10/2/09 4:00 PM
BTW I measure the draw guides at 0.527 and the dado at 0.500??
Re: Mating pieces mac1 10/2/09 9:08 PM
Drawer width is 24 5/8 needs to be 25 3/8. Once you make the sides,
bottom components than you can use the move tool to adjust for the
width. I am guessing your comment about scaling in the above post was
participated by not being careful in what context you are scaling.
Remember a component entity can be scale and will not effect the scale
of other entities. However once you do the scaling in the context of
the component then all the instances will be effected. Note that the
scale tool effects all geo in the direction of the scale so, if you
have say a cross piece (1x4) etc a scale prependicular to that will
cause it to be some thing other than a 1x4. The move tool can be much
more effective in some cases. IE to change the drawer width just move
the side componet away, context click the bottom, select only the edge
and move out the required distance. Do the same with the front and
back boards then move the side back. Drawers different sizes will have
to be made unique
Re: Mating pieces mac1 10/3/09 7:46 AM
Here is a link to what little work I've done on your model.
Note you now have butt joints on the drawer sides and more drawer
components.  I did not fix the guide size issue. I did not address any
reveal so you have an interference fit now. It appears to me, if my
assumptions are correct, the drawer depth can be increase ~+ 0.5". BTW
you may have an issue with unit accuracy. The 1/16 may not be good
enough for what you are doing unless you are using the vcb to input
better that that. When I design some thing to build and I want my
drawings in 1/16 I'll do the design in say .xxx decimal then convert
back as a final step to usually 1/32. That way when you measure, say
the drawer width, and want to adjust to fit you are not limited to the
report to 1/16.
Just some thoughts
On Oct 2, 2:27 pm, HappySenior <> wrote:
> Per advice read and a link on another thread, I uploaded my file to