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Re: Puzzle by this floor design.. Colin Holgate 10/4/09 7:53 AM
You wouldn't normally make the pattern in SketchUp, you would make it  
in a bitmap editor, Microsoft's Paint program for example. In there  
you would make a square image that was just enough of the pattern so  
that it could then be repeated. I did that just now (using Photoshop  
in my case), and made this, trying to use the colors in your screenshot:

Either drag that image to your desktop, or right-click the link and  
save the file as... to your desktop. So long as you end up with  
"weavetile.bmp" on your desktop!

Now open SketchUp's Materials window, and click on the Create Material  
button. In the palette that appears, make sure that "Use texture  
image" is checked, and click in the folder icon to browse for the  
material. Select the weavetile.bmp on your desktop and click Open.

Before clicking OK in the palette, first change the dimensions boxes,  
to roughly match how big that much of the tiling should be. I think  
that one foot would be about right, so if you're working in feet, put  
1' into each box. If you're in metres, try 0.3. Then click OK.

Make a floor area, choose the paint bucket tool, and click on the  
floor's face. It should now be nicely tiled.

To change the colors I've used, open the bmp in Paint, and change the  
colors to ones you like better, and do a save. Keep the image size at  
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