Adding notes to a file?

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Adding notes to a file? Daniel 9/18/09 8:23 AM
I'd like to make design notes to myself in the file - Nothing
obviously visible in the sketch.

Is there a way to do this?

thanks in advance.

Re: Adding notes to a file? Jim 9/18/09 9:28 AM
Hi Daniel,

I don't think is is an app or plugin that exactly fits your request,
which I find a little surprising.

A simple note app would be easy to do.

There's this, but it seems overkill for your simple request:
Re: Adding notes to a file? Gully Foyle 9/18/09 12:01 PM
You can write notes that are either attached to the geometry or to a
screen location, place them on their own layer, and toggle the
visibility of the layer.

You can also write extensive notes and descriptions in the form of
metadata--stored with the model--if you keep your models in the 3D
Warehouse. You can even make models in the 3DW private so that only
you can access them.

Re: Adding notes to a file? Gaieus 9/19/09 12:58 AM
Finally, you can also add a description in the (Window menu) Model
info > File tab (this will appear as a description of a component if
you import it as such).