The SketchUp Community has a new home!

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The SketchUp Community has a new home! SketchUp Guide Jody 9/28/09 10:12 AM
I'm excited to tell you that the new SketchUp Help Forum is here!

Here are some features that we're particularly excited about:

- You can find answers before you even ask your question! The forum
will automatically suggest a similar thread as you begin typing your
question in a new post.
- The SketchUp Sages and Google employees will be able to mark any
reply as "Best Answer" and show this reply right below the original
question. If you post a question, you can mark any reply to your
question as "Best Answer" as well.
- Create richer posts by referencing all kinds of online sources,
including images and videos.
- Get to know others in the forum better by creating a useful profile,
which includes an avatar.
- As you build your reputation as an expert, you increase your "level"
in the forum. After a while, who knows - you can be the next SketchUp

We're going keep this Group open for a little while longer so folks
have time to get use to the change. We highly recommend asking your
questions in the new forum so they will stay active and engaged after
we turn off the ability to post in this Group. On October 7th, 2009
we'll be turning off the ability to post in these groups and moving
them (along with the other Groups we've archived in the past) to a new
SketchUp Archive where you can search for any old posts.

Lastly, I'd love to hear what you think about the new forum and this
transition. Feel free to post responses in this thread, and I look
forward hearing your feedback.
Re: The SketchUp Community has a new home! SketchUp Guide Jody 10/7/09 11:58 AM
Hello SketchUppers,

I'm dropping by to say the day has arrived. This evening I'll be
setting all of these groups to Archives which can no longer be posted
to. The one exception is "3D Warehouse and Modeling for Google Earth"
which is going to leave behind this collection of Groups for a new
collection. As soon as its moved we'll be sure to include a link on
where to find it, you can continue to post in that one topic for the
time being. For all other SketchUp (or LayOut or Style Builder or 3D
Warehouse) issues we hope you'll join us at our new SketchUp forum

We'll see you there!

On Sep 28, 11:12 am, SketchUp Guide Jody <sketchup-guide-