Creating a cutting template

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Creating a cutting template WindowsGeek 10/6/09 11:05 AM
I have modeled a videogame arcade cabinet that I'd like to build. What
I'd like to do now is create a cutting template to most efficiently
use a 4' by 8' sheet of plywood to cut my cabinet parts.

Is there an easy way to get all of the components of my sketch
coplanar so that I can lay them out on a sheet of plywood?
Re: Creating a cutting template Gaieus 10/6/09 12:00 PM
If they are (really) components, yes; use the Move and Rotate tools to
align them on a plane.

Re: Creating a cutting template mac1 10/6/09 1:01 PM
In addition there are programs to do this. I have used CutList Plus in
the past but cannot remember if it's free, but you can specify the
kerf , grain direction raw material size, type of material etc and
then input your dimensions and it will lay out the cutting diag for
you. You would still have to derive the basic rough cut dimension from