Reducing texture size in photomatch

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Reducing texture size in photomatch Huck 9/22/09 8:11 AM
I did a photomatch on a 3648X2736 pixel photo.  I matched a small
stone wall that I wanted to later use as a component.  However, I
noticed that the texture on the stone wall was the entire photo and
the file size was 3.6 MB.  Is there an easy way to isolate the piece
of texture projected on the face of the stone wall so that only that
much is saved, and then the file size is small?

Re: Reducing texture size in photomatch olaf 9/22/09 9:53 AM
I muchly like your question. Please post it as feature request!!!
There are many blown-up models in 3d-warehouse that were made with
mega-pixel photos and photo-match. From most photos, only a small part
is really used and the rest is blue sky or people or entourage. I
think this is inefficient.

To your question: SU7 allows to make a texture unique, that means the
unnecessary surrounding parts will be cut off (but this must be done
manually and is not yet automatically done by photo-match). But the
texture size/resolution can not yet be changed inside Sketchup. Go to
the materials browser, export the image, scale it in the graphics
editor of your choice and import it into the material (edit -> use
texture image...).