[ANN] Sinatra 1.3.3 release

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[ANN] Sinatra 1.3.3 release k.h...@finn.de 8/19/12 6:07 AM
I've just pushed Sinatra 1.3.3 to rubygems.org. This is a bug fix release.

From the change log:
  •  Improved documentation.
  •  No longer modify the load path.
  •  When keeping a stream open, set up callback/errback correctly to deal with clients closing the connection.
  •  Fix bug where having a query param and a URL param by the same name would concatenate the two values.
  •  Prevent duplicated log output when application is already wrapped in a `Rack::CommonLogger`.
  •  Fix issue where `Rack::Link` and Rails were preventing indefinite streaming.
  •  No longer cause warnings when running Ruby with `-w`.
  •  HEAD requests on static files no longer report a Content-Length of 0, but instead the proper length.
  •  When protecting against CSRF attacks, drop the session instead of refusing the request.
Special thanks for helping with this release go out to Matt Wildig, michelc, Gabriel Andretta, burningTyger, Sukjoon Kim, Mat Schaffer, Nikica Jokić, Jordan Moncharmont, Michael Hutchinson, Melvin Lammerts, Nick Sieger, Alex MacCaw, Kashyap, Michael Klishin, GordonDiggs and Peter Powell.

Re: [ANN] Sinatra 1.3.3 release Kashyap Kondamudi 8/19/12 6:09 AM


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Re: [ANN] Sinatra 1.3.3 release DAddYE 8/19/12 6:13 AM
Awesome man! Thank you!
Re: [ANN] Sinatra 1.3.3 release Nicolás Sanguinetti 8/19/12 11:49 AM
On 19/08/2012, at 10:07, k.h...@finn.de wrote:

>  No longer cause warnings when running Ruby with `-w`.


Re: [ANN] Sinatra 1.3.3 release Jason Rogers 8/19/12 1:10 PM

Jason Rogers
Re: [ANN] Sinatra 1.3.3 release Dave Porter 8/21/12 8:09 PM
Great work thanks...
Can I point out, that there has never been a link on the Home Page for Sinatra to the Blog page for as long as I can remember!
Most odd!
Re: [ANN] Sinatra 1.3.3 release Trevor Bramble 8/27/12 12:24 AM
On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 04:40:31AM -0700, Jason Garber wrote:
> Very nice! Also, it's been 11 months since a sinatra-contrib release. Might
> want to think about pushing that as well.

A new release is cooking. =^)