[ANN] Sinatra 1.3.4

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[ANN] Sinatra 1.3.4 k.h...@finn.de 1/26/13 2:23 PM
Hi Everyone!

I just pushed Sinatra 1.3.4.

This is a bug fix release:

  • Improve documentation. (Kashyap, Stanislav Chistenko, Konstantin Haase, ymmtmsys, Anurag Priyam)
  • Adjustments to template system to work with Tilt edge. (Konstantin Haase)
  • Fix streaming with latest Rack release. (Konstantin Haase)
  • Fix default content type for Sinatra::Response with latest Rack release. (Konstantin Haase)
  • Fix regression where + was no longer treated like space. (Ross Boucher)
  • Status, headers and body will be set correctly in an after filter when using halt in a before filter or route. (Konstantin Haase)

I'm conferencing a lot in the coming weeks, but I'll see that I can publish 1.4.0 soon, too.

Re: [ANN] Sinatra 1.3.4 Jason Rogers 1/26/13 3:39 PM
Sweet. Thanks all.

Jason Rogers


Re: [ANN] Sinatra 1.3.4 diminish 1/27/13 12:48 AM
thanks a lot for Sinatra and 1.3.4 especially.


Re: [ANN] Sinatra 1.3.4 Dotan N. 2/1/13 6:08 AM
Thanks, 1.3.4 resolves my streaming issues!

Dotan, @jondot