Created milestone for relaunch

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Created milestone for relaunch Ingo Schommer 7/13/10 3:06 PM

This should help us focus and prioritize tasks on how "launch critical" they are.
The goal is to replace the current DokuWiki instance as fast as possible,
even if it means we don't have less important stuff like code syntax highlighting on launch time.
Every week we leave the converted markdown files on github,
more edits are made on DokuWiki which will be hard to merge,
so we don't want to be in that state for too long.

The tickets contain both content-fixup and generator/parser tasks,
but no actual content rewriting (apart from writing new index files).
We'll do as much as we can, but it shouldn't hold up launch.

The tickets contain some new markdown formatting ideas like [api:<myclass>] names,
please let me know if you have any ideas around those!