Tree UI enhancement: cut/paste & move pages

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Tree UI enhancement: cut/paste & move pages Paul Clarke 8/27/12 2:30 PM

This discussion was started in bug tracker #7778 but has been moved here for further discussion

From Schellmax:

The current tree implementation has support for drag-and-drop, but on sites with hundreds of pages this feature becomes pretty useless as dragging above/down the pages which are currently in view doesn't work.

maybe this could be fixed by implementing some sort of scrolling while dragging pages, but the bigger the tree gets, the more this will be rather annoying.

another, relatively simple approach could be some 'copy/paste' functionality. there's already a context menu with 'add' and 'edit' actions available in the tree, which could take 3 more actions:

  • Cut
  • Insert above
  • Insert below

Continued Paul Clarke:

This does seem like good functionality although we shouldn't add it unless it would be used frequently enough by admins.

I pretty sure that "move to" is also on the cards (because of drag drop difficulties with some touch devices) which would be included in the available actions allowing you to select one or multiple pages and move them to another place. For creating a copy, duplicating a page could either be another action or available on right click. We just need to be careful that when we add additional functionality it is of use to the majority of users.

Using cut paste insert below/above is great for desktop users which covers the majority of user cases, but we just need to consider our other ever growing users on touch devices as well.

Continued Schellmax:

thanks for your comment. i agree that a 'move to' action does make more sense for touch devices, although i can't imagine an interface for this: maybe it's a treedropdownfield where you select a page and then click 'insert above' or 'below'? is there some discussion on the topic publicly available?