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GSOC 2012 status vikas srivastava 4/14/12 10:42 PM
Hello Guys
can anyone tell me what is the status of silverstripe gsoc idea
"improve silverstripe module download pages". I mean who is going to
be mentor of this project ?

warm regards
vikas srivastava
Re: [silverstripe-dev] GSOC 2012 status Ingo Schommer 4/15/12 2:03 AM
Hello Vikas,

sorry that we were so quiet recently.
There was some private comments about your application
in Melange between mentors, I think we just realized
that you haven't gotten much feedback - sorry for that!

The most likely mentor for the project 
at the moment is the infamous "UncleCheese" (Aaron Carlino),
he'll be in touch with you soon.

On a related note, you've put the outcome of our mailinglist discussion [1]
into a Google doc attached to your application.
Please be aware that only mentors can see applications so far,
so the document is more or less hidden from the community.
Would you mind posting it here? And ideally enable
Google Doc comments so we can collaborate on your proposal?

I'll add some more idea-specific feedback to the original thread.
For now, I would suggest that you familiarize yourself with
the Composer API, and maybe start a proof of concept?
A simple SilverStripe form which takes a github URL,
and uses the Composer PHP API to fetch and display
its metadata from the composer.json (doesn't have to be a SilverStripe module).


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Re: [silverstripe-dev] GSOC 2012 status vikas srivastava 4/16/12 12:29 AM
Hi Ingo 
 Thanks for quick reply. I got your suggestions. My GSOC application is publicly visible now. I am attaching link to publicly visible Google doc . ( .
I already started working on Composer API so i will give you some outcomes regarding this very soon.

warm regards 
vikas srivastava 
Warm Regards
Vikas Srivastava  :)