GridField in Frontend

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GridField in Frontend Andreas Singer 10/8/12 12:52 AM
Hi all,

can somebody explain how to use the GridField in the Frontend and in
detail how to use Add, Edit and Delete Actions.


Re: [silverstripe-dev] GridField in Frontend Ingo Schommer 10/8/12 1:14 AM
Hello Andreas, that's a question for the forums or IRC.
The core mailinglist should be used to discuss the architecture of SilverStripe core only (framework and cms).

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Re: [silverstripe-dev] GridField in Frontend Sam Minnée 10/13/12 6:36 PM
I think that there are issues around the view/edit detail forms which are undocumented and only semi-functional.  Hamish/Kirk/Jeremy were recently working on this and might have more insight.